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Ireland is known for its comfort foods, from corned beef and cabbage to beef stew to soda bread, along with the ubiquitous potato. You can update these traditional dishes with a dash of seasonings and a sprinkling of imagination.

Add Spice to Your Roast

Thyme and Rosemary are both huge flavor boosters in the Irish heritage — rosemary has a warm and peppery flavor, while thyme is spicy and almost minty. The two are best used together when making roast beef or grilling steak as they complement each other and make any meal feel hearty. 

Update Traditional Soda Bread 

When yeast was scarce in Ireland, people relied on soda bread. In order to get a soft loaf, they would use buttermilk and baking soda to produce a mixture that would provide this Irish Soda Bread with its lift and name. Spice Islands® Caraway Seed gives this bread its distinctive flavor. Add your own modern touch by substituting dried mango or apple for the raisins.


Beyond Roasted Potatoes

The potato remains a staple Irish crop, due to the climate being especially well-suited to their cultivation. You can make a regular spud extraordinary by using a potato starter, such as Potato Herb Soup, or flavorful sides, like Herb Whipped Potatoes or Herb Baked Potato Wedges.

Beer Adds Flavor

Beer and the local pub are staples of Irish culture. You can instill an Irish touch — and depth of flavor — by adding a can of beer to chili or using beer to deglaze a pan to make a gravy for meat. Other recipes, such as Beer Cheese Soup, and these Chocolate Cupcakes, put beer in the spotlight.

Kelsey Preciado is the owner and content creator for Little Bits Of, a food blog focusing on finding the balance between delicious and healthy in this crazy fast-paced life.