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Grown in the Americas for over 6,000 years, the chile is a key ingredient for enticing palates that crave spice in their foods. All peppers, from the modest ancho to the blazing habanero, are a member of the same species: Capsicum annuum. But that does not mean that all chiles are created equal. Each style — and its powder — brings a unique flavor profile to the table, and it is important to choose right to get the taste you're seeking. 

Spice Islands® ground chili peppers and powders are made from only high-quality peppers, harvested at just the right time and expertly prepared to make the most of the rich, natural flavors your cooking deserves. These ground chili peppers and powders are a great choice for boosting your cuisine to the next level, whether you're dishing up Mexican (Pasilla Chile Mole), Chinese (Stir-Fry) or Tex-Mex (Hearty Chili).

Chili Powder

Bring together the best in Southwestern spice with Spice Islands® Chili Powder. This expertly balanced blend of roasted chile peppers and specially chosen spices offers an easy-to-use base for your favorite chili and other dishes. This style of chili powder is perfect for infusing your cuisine with heat that doesn't overwhelm and a slightly sweet smokiness that works with Tex-Mex classics, such as Chicken Tortilla Soup, or can add intriguing flair to everyday snacks like popcorn.

Ground Ancho Chile

Spice Islands® Ground Ancho Chile is an ideal solution for cooks seeking to capture authentic Mexican flavor or add a sweet, moderate heat to their kitchen adventures. Ancho is a popular chile made from drying poblano peppers, capturing their fruity essence with just a touch of zing. Use ground ancho in place of blended chili powder to add a subtle kick to Chile Rubbed Pork Tenderloin, or wow the dinner table with a helping of Vanilla Butter Poached Halibut with Ancho Orange Drizzle.

Chili Bottles
Chili Bowls

Ground Chipotle Chile

The smoke-dried jalapeño, or chipotle, wields a medium to moderate, earthy spiciness with a satisfying kick. The smoky profile of Spice Islands® Ground Chipotle Chile is a great choice for boosting the flavor of salsa, or to elevate a weeknight meal, such as Pork with Apple Chipotle Glaze. Or for something super kid-friendly, sneak in an unassuming side of Chipotle Ketchup with your next batch of fries.

Cayenne Pepper

When you need to turn up the heat, cayenne pepper is your best bet. The bold flavor of Spice Islands® Cayenne Pepper comes from the peppers, sourced from India to cultivate their particularly robust heat and hearty flavor. Used in dishes from Latin America to Southeast Asia, cayenne is great for entrees, such as Sweet and Spicy Rub for Roasted Chicken, but don't be afraid to think outside the main. 

 Why not add some kick to an icy treat with these Spicy Fudgesicles? Or for an elegant dessert drink, combine cayenne with Spice Islands® Saigon Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Cardamom and Cloves in Chocolate Chai Tea.

Anne Delatte is a freelance writer and blogger. She enjoys covering food and culture in South Louisiana and beyond and has written for area publications and national sites including and Marriott Travel. Anne lives and works in New Orleans.