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Lindsay Landis and Taylor Hackbarth

Gingerbread Floats

Most of my holiday memories revolve around gingerbread in one way or another. My go-to gingerbread cookie recipe comes from my grandma, Bettie. Her cookies are satisfyingly spicy, and soft and chewy, just the way I like them. Granted, the … Continue reading

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California-Style Apple Crisp

How many of us spend the month of November looking forward to that decadent piece of pie, or two, we get to have on Thanksgiving? I know I do! I get so excited about Thanksgiving dessert that I forget that … Continue reading

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Lindsay Landis and Taylor Hackbarth

Taco Seasoning

Tacos. The ultimate crowd pleaser. Both for those on the receiving end, as well as for those in the kitchen, as there are few things easier to prepare. What’s even better is the versatility, especially for a big group when … Continue reading

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Ginger Spiced Molasses Cookies

As a Spice Islands Flavor Explorer, I get to try all sorts of fabulous spices that I might not have ordinarily come across. One of those spices that caught my attention is the Spice Islands Crystalized Ginger. Holy moly is … Continue reading

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Bavarian Mulled Wine

Spiced wine is one of my absolute favorite things about the fall and winter months. It’s so lovely to cozy up with some winter socks, a big fluffy blanket, a mug of spiced wine and a group of friends surrounding … Continue reading

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Pumpkin Pie Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Are you guys ready for this one? It’s a recipe that might just change your life. These Pumpkin Pie Chocolate Chip Pancakes are decadent, as they are laced with semi-sweet chocolate chips and then drizzled with the maple syrup of your … Continue reading

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Sweet and Spicy Roasted Nuts

You know what makes a little get-together even more special? Sweet and spicy roasted nuts. It’s a quick and simple recipe that is a really nice touch when you’re welcoming people into your home. Plus, making them ahead of time … Continue reading

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Saigon Cinnamon Streusel Coffee Cake

Is there really anything better than having a nice leisurely breakfast with a cup of coffee and a slice of coffee cake? Or three slices of coffee cake if you’re like me and can’t stop after one! It’s really a … Continue reading

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Almond Cappuccino

When I was growing up, there were no coffeehouses in this country. Now it seems impossible to imagine a world without them on every block. What were all those retail spaces before they became coffee shops? Did people carry around … Continue reading

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Honey Cinnamon Graham Crackers

We don’t eat many processed foods in our house. Though treats are plentiful, they are usually in the form of homemade baked goods. One regular exception is the famous blue box that lives in the lowest cupboard of the kitchen … Continue reading

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