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A New Year, A New Flavor Explorer

I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays! I think it really is the most wonderful time of year – especially for food. Spice Islands® was lucky to have three great bloggers contribute some fabulously tasty recipes to Flavor Explorer over the holidays.

Alice Currah, Pim Techamunavivit and Matt Armendariz all did an outstanding job and certainly inspired me with some great entertaining ideas. Matt’s humor and innovation, Alice’s heartwarming stories and Pim’s gourmet recipes were all fun reads. I wanted to take this opportunity to give a special thanks to all of them.

I also want to welcome our newest Flavor Explorer – Caroline Lubbers of the blog, Whipped. Caroline is based in Chicago and her blog is one of Saveur’s “Sites We Love.” I knew Caroline was destined to be Spice Islands® next Flavor Explorer after learning one of her life goals: “Eat my way around the world.” From trips to Greece, Egypt, Turkey, the Netherlands and beyond, Caroline familiarizes herself with different cultures by visiting local grocery stores and by making her way into a native person’s home where she can truly take in the unique smells, aromas and flavors.

Like us, Caroline searches the world for the best flavors, and I’m pleased to share some of her worldly-inspired dishes with you. I know you will enjoy her recipes as much as we do!

Welcome, Caroline, and Happy New Year to all!

Until next time,
Brand Team, Spice Islands®

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