Vicky Escrojin

Á bientôt, David!

Wow! Can it really be four months already since David Lebovitz joined our Spice Islands® Explorer family? It has been such a pleasure getting to know David. I really enjoyed sharing the Spice Islands® story with him when we spent some time together during our spice-immersion event back in March.

The recipes David created using our spices – Date-Orange Ice Cream? (with Spice Islands® Orange Peel, Spice Islands® Pure Vanilla Extract) Entrecôte Steak with Mustard Butter? (using Spice Islands® Old Hickory Smoked Salt, Spice Islands® ground chipotle chili, Spice Islands® cilantro, Spice Islands® parsley, Spice Islands® ground mustard) – have definitely made me swoon. I’ve always found David’s anecdotes about life in Paris entertaining, so I was absolutely thrilled that he shared some of them on the Spice Islands® Flavor Explorer blog.

But, all good things must come to an end, so on behalf of the Spice Islands® family, we bid David a fond farewell. Thank you so much, David!

As we say goodbye to David, we extend a warm welcome to our next Spice Islands® Flavor Explorers – Todd Porter and Diane Cu also known as the “White on Rice Couple!” Their photography is breathtaking, and their recipes are absolutely mouthwatering. I am really looking forward to not only reading about what inspires them in the kitchen, but also trying the recipes they create using Spice Islands® Pure Vanilla Extract and Saigon Cinnamon.

Todd and Diane are full-time photographers, freelance journalists and cooking instructors based in Los Angeles. They’re avid travelers and foodies – and amazing storytellers. They have a unique sense of style and taste that I am sure you will all appreciate.

We are so excited that they have signed on to explore a world of flavors with us! Welcome, again, Todd and Diane!

Until next time,
Vicky, on behalf of the Spice Islands® Family

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One Response to Á bientôt, David!

  1. David says:

    Thank you Vicky, for hosting me and letting me play around with all these great spices an vanilla, and for a fun time at the spice “cutting” in Chicago. Can’t wait to see what wonderful things Todd and Diane come up with next…!