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Announcing our Newest Flavor Explorer!

It is my pleasure to welcome and introduce our next Spice Islands Flavor Explorer™, David Lebovitz. David’s foodie cred is remarkable. He has often been recognized as a top pastry chef, he’s an accomplished cook book author, and his blog – “David Lebovitz: Living the Sweet Life in Paris” – has been listed in The Sunday Times’ “50 of the World’s Best Food Blogs” list (along with our first Flavor Explorer, Matt Armendariz).

The day I found out that David was going to share his Spice Islands journey with us, I was beyond excited. My first thought was, “Perhaps I’ll hop on the next flight to France and join David on one of his weeklong culinary tours of Paris, or sit in a Parisian bistro to discuss the inspiration that led him to become a top-notch chef, author and blogger.” Let’s just say that my fantasy trip to Paris is still pending an unlikely approval.

Like so many other followers of his blog, I’ve been inspired to ramp up my own foodie game through David’s recipes, anecdotes and passion for food. Most recently, I was inspired to purchase a 50mm lens for my digital camera so that I could take up food photography as a hobby.

As the next Spice Islands Flavor Explorer, David will explore new recipes and share stories about the Spice Islands flavor difference. I’d like to invite our blog readers to follow David for the next few months as he explores new recipes using Spice Islands spices and extracts. David will contribute a new post every week or so, so please check back often.

Welcome aboard, David!

Until next time,
Vicky Escrojin – Associate Brand Manager
Spice Islands

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2 Responses to Announcing our Newest Flavor Explorer!

  1. Davidd says:

    I’m not worthy to go after the esteemed Matt, whose photographs and recipes are so lovely. But am looking forward to exploring the world of spices here on the blog!

  2. hannah says:

    Even though I’m 99% vegan, I love that Lebovitz, what a guy!