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A new place to explore food and spices

Welcome to the Spice Islands® Flavor Explorer™ blog. It’s no secret that all of us at Spice Islands are beyond passionate about spices and extracts. But, like you, we’re also passionate about food. That’s why we’re excited to launch this new food and spice blog.

At Spice Islands, we firmly believe where a spice is grown, when it’s harvested and how it’s processed and packaged can affect its quality and flavor. We’re partnering with top-ranked food bloggers to share unique perspectives on food and flavors. Our featured bloggers will explore cooking and baking with the highest quality extracts and spices from Spice Islands. They’ll see first-hand how the quality of spices has an impact on their meals and baked goods.

First up is Matt Armendariz, a 20 year veteran of the food industry. Matt shares his love for all things epicurean through amazing food photography and his blog, MattBites.com. Inspired by real food and rich, authentic flavors, Matt’s blog tells the stories about how and what we eat. Over the next few months, Matt will be exploring the unique flavors of Spice Islands, beginning with our All Natural, No Corn Syrup Added Pure Vanilla Extract.

A new post will be up once a week and we’ll be hosting a new blogger every few months, so make sure you check out the Spice Islands Flavor Explorer™ regularly for amazing anecdotes and tempting recipes.

Until next time,

Papao Saisnith – Brand Manager
Spice Islands

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7 Responses to A new place to explore food and spices

  1. judy hirschkorn says:

    where can buy this vanilla

    • If you call (800-247-5251) or email Spice Islands (use the “contact us” page) and give your zip code, we’ll be happy to let you know which stores in your area carry Spice Islands!

      • eugenie wychreschuk says:

        i would like to purchase Beau Monde seasoning. Is it available in any stores in Manitoba, Canada? Is it available in stores in Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, North Dakota??

        • Diane at Spice Islands says:

          Spice Islands Beau Monde is not available in Canada. Let me know which U.S. cities you shop in, and I’ll be happy to check availability for you!

  2. sheila kasdan says:

    Where in the Sarasota, Fl. 34228 area can I find your Vanilla Extract?

  3. In Florida, Spice Islands products can be found at the Publix grocery stores.

  4. Candela says:

    Hello, I just found your site via David Lebovitz, Do you sell via internet?, I’m in Italy… I adore the spices!! :)