All spices
are not created equal

Although two spices share the same name, they may not taste the same. Some vanilla tastes sweeter. Some cinnamon is hotter. And some dill is just dillier.

At Spice Islands, we search the world for the highest-quality, most flavorful herbs and spices, from Madagascar to Saigon to California. It’s been our quest since 1941 so you get the most flavorful ingredients.

Like wine or coffee, spices and herbs can taste very different depending on the source and how they’re grown and processed. Here are a few things that affect the flavor.


Where a spice is grown impacts its flavor. So we look for countries that are well known for producing the highest-quality spices.


We wait until a plant is at its flavor peak before harvesting (unlike some mass producers who rush to reach harvest quotas).


We use special processing techniques, to retain as much flavor as possible.

Volatile Oils

The higher the oil content, the greater the flavor. So we always source spices with high volatile-oil content.

Plant Type

The same spice or herb can actually be available in many different species. We choose the variety of plant with the best flavor.


The fresher the spice, the more intense the flavor. So toss spices that have been sitting in your cupboards for years.


We use better quality spices to ensure purity.


Our bottles are glass, so air stays out and flavor stays in.

From allspice to wasabi, find out what makes each of our spices so special.

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