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Nutmeg, Whole

Warm and aromatic with hints of clove, nutmeg has long been a favorite of bakers. Though its distinctive flavor can enhance a variety of sweet or savory dishes.

We source our Spice Islands® nutmeg from the East and West Indies for its high volatile-oil content and exceptional flavor.

For the best results, grate your nutmeg as you need it. But keep in mind that our Spice Islands nutmeg is especially potent, so you may want to use a little less than what’s called for in the recipe.

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Cooking With Nutmeg, Whole

Try it with

  • Cookies & Cakes
  • Cooked Squashes
  • Cheese Dishes
  • Sauces
  • Milk & Rice Puddings

The nutmeg tree actually produces two different spices, nutmeg and mace. Nutmeg comes from the seed of the tree and mace comes from the lacy substance that covers it.