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Ginger, Crystallized

Depending on where it’s grown and when it’s harvested, the flavor of ginger can range from spicy warmth to biting heat.

We source our Spice Islands® crystallized ginger from Australia for its tender, less fibrous texture. Small pieces are cooked in a thick syrup, dried, then rolled in sugar.

Crystallized ginger can be eaten right from the jar or used to flavor a variety of foods from curries to ice cream.

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Cooking With Ginger, Crystallized

Try it with

  • Breads & Cakes
  • Cookies & Pastries
  • Winter Squashes
  • Carrots
  • Couscous
  • Spiced Preserves
  • Roasted Pork & Chicken

Early spice caravans only carried dried ginger because fresh ginger wouldn’t survive the caravan's long journey. So dried ginger became the favorite form in the Middle East and Europe.