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Cinnamon Sticks

With its rich hue and warm aroma, cinnamon brings spicy sweetness to all kinds of baked goods. But all cinnamon is not the same.

There are two main varieties of cinnamon, Ceylon and cassia. While their flavors are similar, cassia tends to have a richer, sweeter taste and Ceylon a milder taste.

We source our Spice Islands® cinnamon from the forests of Vietnam, known for its premium cassia. High in volatile oils, the Vietnamese cassia trees produce a deep, reddish-brown cinnamon with an intense fragrance and sweet, red-hot-candy-like flavor.

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Cooking With Cinnamon Sticks

Try it with

  • Cakes, Pies & Cookies
  • Fruit Muffins
  • Pancake & Waffle Batters
  • Indian Curries
  • Squash & Sweet Potatoes
  • Duck & Pork Dishes

Ancient spice traders used to craft elaborate tales to keep the sources of their most prized spices a secret. Cinnamon sticks, for instance, were said to come from the nests of giant, predatory birds.