Herbes De Provence - Seasoning Mixes

Herbes De Provence

An artistic blend of sweet, peppery herbs from the French countryside, herbes de Provence traditionally consists of thyme and savory with a touch of lavender.

We source the herbs for our Spice Islands® herbes de Provence from around the world to create a flavorful blend that is distinctive without being overpowering.

When using herbes de Provence, make sure to add them to the cooking process early to give their flavor and aroma time to properly develop.

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Cooking With Herbes De Provence

Try it with

  • Braised Meat & Game
  • Grilled Tuna
  • Tomato-Based Dishes
  • Soups & Stews
  • Root Vegetables
  • Homemade Vinaigrettes

In 14th century France, spices were considered so valuable that they were often kept under lock and key.