Seasonal Holiday Kits

Enjoy the distinctive flavors of the holidays, like warm Korintji cinnamon and savory Spanish rosemary, with our holiday spice kits. Each kit contains everything you need to bring authentic holiday flavor to your turkey or cider.

Turkey Rub Kit
Turkey Rub Kit

We combined savory thyme and rosemary from Spain with garlic and Mediterranean sage. They all come together at your table for a classic, succulent flavor that your family will love.

Turkey Brine Kit
Turkey Brine Kit

Chefs know the secret to succulent turkey starts with the brine. Soaking it in a saltwater, herb and spice bath infuses the meat with moisture and flavor. Our brine combines savory garlic and rosemary with sweet orange for an absolutely mouthwatering blend. 

Mulling Spice Kit
Mulling Spice Kit

Mulled cider isn’t just a beverage. It’s a ritual. The spices we selected for this classic blend heighten every moment. Warm Korintji cinnamon, allspice, cloves, star anise and sweet orange peel. 

Rub Recipe
Prep Preheat the oven to 325ºF. Rinse thawed turkey and remove the giblets.
Rub Brush the surface of the turkey with oil or butter, if desired. Evenly rub the seasoning over all the surfaces of the turkey. Add a little to the cavity too. Then place the turkey in a roasting pan.
Roast Roast in the oven per manufacturer's instructions. 
Brining Recipe
Mix Rinse thawed turkey and remove the giblets. In a large pot, dissolve the brine mix in 4 quarts of water over medium heat. Do not boil; cool to room temperature.
Brine Place the turkey in the included brine bag. Pour the cooked brine and 4 quarts of ice water into the brine bag and seal tightly. Brine in the refrigerator or an ice filled cooler for 1 hour per pound of turkey.
Roast Remove the turkey from the brine. Rinse the turkey and pat dry. Roast in the oven following manufacturer's instructions.
Mulling Recipe
Fill Fill the included infuser ball with the mulling spices. Close.
Boil Place into a pot filled with 1 quart of apple cider or apple juice. Bring to a boil.
Simmer Reduce heat to a low simmer and steep for 30 minutes or until desired spice strength is achieved.
More Holiday Recipe Ideas
Holiday Tips & Entertaining
Want to brine a turkey but your fridge is full of delicious pies and salads? Simply place the turkey and brine bag in an ice-filled cooler to free up space until it's time for roasting.
Using a turkey rub? Don't just rub the outside of your turkey. Carefully lift the skin of the turkey to separate it from the meat and rub the meat as well. You'll get a lot more flavor. It can get messy, so you'll want to use gloves.
Give your house a wonderful aroma for guests by using a slow cooker to keep cider warm.
Try mulling spices in other beverages like tea, coffee, fruit juice (cranberry, pineapple, mixed fruit blends), hot chocolate or dry red wine (cabernet sauvignon) for a flavorful twist.
Have leftover cider? Don't worry. Cider becomes more flavorful the longer it sits. Simply refrigerate it and reheat it later.

For more turkey cooking tips visit and click on Resources or visit and click on Tips and How-to's.  

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